Do Docking Drawer Outlets Comply with Building Codes?

Do Docking Drawer Outlets Comply with Building Codes?

Q: Do Docking Drawers outlets comply with US building codes?

A: In a word: YES. Docking Drawer outlets are tested by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) which are independent laboratories recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to test products to the specifications of product safety codes. Additionally, our Docking Drawer outlets are tested and certified by Intertek-ETL. Docking Drawer is in compliance with accepted national standards (UL 962a and CSA C22.2 No. 21). Inspectors have recognized and approved certified products by Intertek-ETL for over 30 years. Intertek, originally part of the Edison Illuminating Companies is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Q: Have any outlets been returned for not meeting US building codes?

A: NO. Docking Drawer outlets have been installed in homes, condos, hotels, sports complexes, laboratories, and even a few yachts in all 50 states. 

Q: Can my electrician just add an outlet or power strip to my drawer box?

A: Not one that will pass inspection or comply with building codes. Just ask Gary Ciuffo at Ciuffo Cabinetry. His customer added an in-drawer power strip into the bathroom vanity. Originally, the customer had requested that Ciuffo Cabinetry install a hardware store power strip for her inside her new vanity drawer, but Ciuffo refused citing that the installation was untested and unsafe. Not appreciating the complexity involved in safely adding an outlet in a drawer, the homeowner (or someone she asked) went ahead and installed a power strip after the home inspector had come and gone.The DIY project worked for a while, as they often do, but it soon led to problems. The homeowner, going through her normal daily routine, didn't suspect anything was wrong when she put all of her items away in her bathroom drawer and pushed it closed. Unfortunately, the packed daily-use items inside the drawer combined with the drawer closing turned on the homeowner's hairdryer. The noise was muffled and the homeowner left, not suspecting a thing. The excessive heat, trapped inside the drawer slowly heated up an aerosol can filled with hairspray. Eventually, the can was unable to take the high temperatures surrounding it and exploded. Thankfully, the homeowner was out of the house and safe. The cabinet was not so lucky and was severely damaged. Had the homeowner used a code compliant in-drawer outlet, this entire story would have played out very differently. 

Q: Are Docking Drawer outlets CSA approved?

A: Yes. The following outlets are CSA-C22.2 approved:

Q: Does a Docking Drawer meet the outlet requirement for a kitchen island?

A: In many cases inspectors have allowed the Style Drawer models to satisfy the requirement for an outlet in an island since it is a 20A GFCI outlet. Be sure to check with your inspector first, or install it and beg for mercy afterwards! 

Q: What about all those in-drawer outlets I see on Pinterest and Houzz?

A: In today's society where ideas are easily accessible thanks to websites like Pinterest and Houzz, it's hard to know what ideas, solutions, and hacks seen online comply with building codes.The drug store multi-outlet strips taped into drawers are staples on Pinterest, but they are far from safe. Docking Drawer outlets are cycle tested 500,000 to ensure safe operation for the life of your project. That is like opening and closing your drawer every 15 minutes, 12 hours per day for 30 years.To increase safety and minimize risk, Docking Drawer in-drawer electrical outlets include integrated interlocking safety features. To ensure safe operation, Docking Drawer Slim outlets feature a UL Listed circuit breaker that prevents high-power devices from being used. Style Drawer and Style Drawer Flush feature a UL Listed thermostat that cuts power to the outlet in the event that the surrounding temperature exceeds 120°F. This minimizes risk with devices that are left on when the drawer is closed.What makes us different than an everyday power strip taped inside your drawer? It actually varies depending on if you're referring to a Charging Outlet or a Powering Outlet.  

Q: Why should I specify Docking Drawer outlets into my project?

A: At Docking Drawer, we're committed to creating innovative electrical products with the highest levels of safety in mind. We are the market leader of in-drawer electrical outlets and offer a full array of ETL Listed solutions. Our patented and simple-to-specify outlets offer a reliable way to add movable outlets inside drawers safely while keeping your spaces organized. With roots in semiconductor engineering, nanotech, and medical fields, our Docking Drawer experts are well-equipped to design a safe, aesthetically pleasing outlet for your next project.Are you ready to find the right Docking Drawer for your next project? Visit our website or call us today at 925-270-1948.

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