In-Drawer Outlet Top Specification Resources

In-Drawer Outlet Top Resources

We've compiled a list of quick links for all of the resources you'll need for your Docking Drawer project.

Top Learning Resources

  1. In-Drawer Outlet Selector Guide (Answer questions, we will recommend the right outlet for your project!)
  2. How to Choose the Right In-Drawer Outlet
  3. Docking Drawer Literature
  4. Docking Drawer Spec Sheets
  5. Overview of All Charging and Powering Outlets
    1. What is USB-C with Power Delivery
    2. What is an Interlock Box
    3. Outlets for Canada
    4. Outlets for International Markets

Top Planning Resources

  1. How to Measure a Cabinet for an In-Drawer Outlet
  2. Outlet Orientation
  3. In-Drawer Outlet Selector Guide
  4. Mounting Diagrams
  5. DXF & Step Files
  6. Electrical Planning Guide
    1. Electrical Certifications

Top Installation Resources

  1. Installation Manuals
    1. Narrow Drawer Installation Tip
    2. Vertical Organizer Installation Tip
  2. Cut Out Templates

Top Customer Service Resources

  1. 2 Year Warranty
  2. Exchanges and Return Policy
  3. Photo Buying Program

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Jul 15, 2020